A Faery peeking

Could it be?

Then you blink, refocus and say to yourself "nawwww I didn't just see a faery." As you walk in woods you get the distinct feeling you are
being watched. You shake it off. Then you see little signs along the way.....

NAWWWW and you keep on going. The little faeries look at each other, one put's her hand over her mouth to hold back a giggle.
Something very fast buzzes by your ear.....oh it must be a dragonfly.
You keep going.

Isn't there something in you, the inner child "per say' who see's and feels the magic still? Who rememebers that amazing
time in life when everything is still filled with wonder? When a walk in the woods is magical because you can just feel the air alive with it?
The little faeries are trying so hard to get your attention. Would you be willing to stop for one moment and indulge your inner childs
desire to play with the little faeries? They have a gift for you and simply want to touch your heart once again
with their magic. Thats right, they want to inspire your imagination and your heart! They would like you to open yourself completely
to nature and experince all the beautiful senses you are gifted with. Including being able to sense thier presence.
They would like you to rememeber how it feels to be completely free and filled with joy.

Just like the moment you laughed your first laugh when joy burst through your heart and came from your lips.
You may not rememeber that moment, but the faeries will never forget it. Blessed be!

~Nothing can be truer than faery wisdom, it's as true as sunbeams~ Douglas William Jerrold


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