The Storm Close-up

The Storm

The power of three. Water , wind and lightning.
Rain is the life giver
Wind is the bringer of the rain
Lightning is Electrical Pulses
of power of a greater being.

I celebrate the beauty and power of the elements and the Mother Earth.
All of the qualities each living being on this earth has within thier own bodies that gives life.

The Earth Mother created me for it is through my DNA her truth is spoken.
Deep gratitude.

For those of us who have the courage to stand thier ground and shake things up. You are the sons and daughters
of the Storm. You are the Rainbow Warriors. You are the rainbow and the rain. The lightning and the sun. The clouds and the blue sky. You stand out because you are meant to shine in light, in joy and in truths. At the center of your being is the desire to bring forth
change for the greater good, for yourself, for others.....Now hold hands! Blessed be!




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