Coach Flitten

The Fairy Flitten and Transport of Fairy Gold

This is a very RARE sight indeed. Every six months on Halloween eve the fairy hill opens up and the King and Queen ready themselves and their court to move to a new location and WHAT a celebration that is!. This magical occurrence is always associated with Halloween or better known as Samhain in the olden days. The fairies moving dates back to ancient beliefs. A fairy Flitten is similar to what we would see as a “swarm”. The magical name bestowed on the fairies great move is called a Flitten.
The other sought after sight is the fairies treasure of gold, which you only get to see during this time. This picture is of the transport of the fairies, their merriment and the joy of transporting their lovely gold within the sacred coach to their new home!


Liza Lambertini



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