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Ravenanya is a visionary. She is gifted with the wisdom and blessings of the raven. Her friend and companion.
In Ravenanya's younger years ravens appeared to her in many ways. Guiding her, protecting her, comforting her.
Nature's way of making a special connection through this special bird. Her gentleness with the ravens has brought
many a benevolent blessing to her life, for through her learning her heart opened. One of the greatest gifts she has learned
was to not judge a book by it's cover and to keep her heart and mind open. This moment is of the "Universe"
supporting and validating her passion and love. The ravens simply adore her.......

For those like myself who hold ravens, crows and all corvids in high regard. Blessed be!

Here are some quotes from a beautiful lady named Raven (see below)

~ Quiet your mind, take a good look at yourself without judgment. We all make mistakes. Forgive. See yourself as the beautiful person you are! ~

~ Take time each day to reflect on Spirit. Doing so allows you to sense and connect with Spirit and communicate with your own Guardian Angel. ~

~ Today, may you dance upon the winds, outshine the brightest star and live the beauty and truth found in your own heart and soul! Blessed be ~

(Really this last quote by Raven does encompass the feeling of the art I created above. I am grateful for the inspiration of the wisdom
of those who understand the beauty of the raven. Blessed be!)

Please visit Ravens beautful, intelligent, healing and throughful blog here:


Credit back to NASA for the beautiful background clouds and stars image! I saw the shape of a bird within it and just wanted to bring out the vision of what I saw. Thank you always for your inspiration and sharing this beauty!


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