Seagull Rider Faery

Many of the faery folk are coming by the river now. As her health is restored
so too is the magic. This is a boy seagull rider:D On one particular day I was outside of my house when the seagulls flew over and hovered above me. This rarely happens because I have many trees around my house and seagulls prefer open spaces for take off. I could have sworn I had heard a little faery voice asking for help. So I bundeled myself up, knowing that this was unusual behavoir for the seagulls. They never come here to ask for food. I packed a bag full of dry dog food and plain cheerios. I was not certain what was wrong but I did understand they came to get me to come to the river. When I got down to the river it was almost completely frozen over and then I understood the seagulls were hungry. Starving actually...
It is very difficult for them to find food when the water is frozen. I packed food because I always do that just in case. I brought them dog food because
they are fish,clam and mussel eaters and they are required by nature to have more protein
in their diet. Bread is really bad for birds, so I give them what I would when I learned about wildlife rehabilitation.

Well I must say were they ever HAPPY to see me and boy oh boy did they chow down on that dog food. At first they looked at it like what IS THIS???!!! LOL I hardly ever go to feed the seagulls or waterfowl because the river is healing it is also becoming more plentiful with a food source. They know when they need me to come to my house and I will help them. I really think it's the faeries who tell them to go to Aunty
Liza's house.

Sometimes the magic that is seen
is done through listening to our wild brothers and sisters.:) That is the magic of connecting with our wild relations.

Blessed be!


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