The night before christmas day. I was writing in my journal about how the silhouettes are a celebration
of light and darkness illuminating beauty of magical moments. I wrote how much I love the beings that live
and thrive in the nighttime and my work celebrates them. Owls and bats and Racoons OH MY! I wrote my heart out that day and how much I really do love creating silhouettes

On christmas Morning I woke up in the wee hours. It was still pitch black outside and the only light
was from a streetlight. Sitting there with my coffee and Felicia wild cat curled on my lap, I look up
to see my little Screech owl friend in the tree! She was looking right into my eyes! Deeply, knowingly, trustingly
and completely comfortable sitting there in my company. Chills went down my spine as I recalled
what I had written the day before. A miracle and a gift to me. I felt in my heart something
heared my voice. This little owl has appeared to me before. This time she sat with me for a very long time and the connection
that passed between us was simply amazing. My heart opened totally, like a little child's, in pure wonderment.

I found this Quote; Dr. Joyce Brothers, American psychologist
Love comes when manipulation stops; when you think more about the other person than about his or her reactions to you. When you dare to reveal yourself fully. When you dare to be vulnerable.

Manipulativeness breaks the chain of love. That is not something I can fix or repair. I'm not doing it so therefore it is not mine.
Sometimes love means not taking on the responsibility of someone elses problems, but loving yourself enough to
be open to healthier more loving possibilities.

I am open to reciving love and it happens!

Here this little owl comes along, tiny, bold, vulnerable and fearless. My light in the nighttime, her actions filled with light, her message clear.
My harbinger of love:) The universes way of illuminating truth.

Our deepest wishes are whispers of our authentic selves.
We must learn to respect them.
We must learn to listen.
-Sarah Ban Breathnach

I call this courage because it does take a lot of courage to face your fears about someone. It can work both ways.

This is a magical moment where love, not fear, is given a chance to blossom into a beautful friendship.
Do you believe in Faeries and Owls? I do. I really, really do. Love shines no matter the time of day or night.
The messages of the Sacred are inspiring to me and this magical moment inspired this work of art
as I know in my heart is as intended to be. The circle complete. This was no coincidence. Blessed be.


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