Reign fairy

Waiting on the Reign fairy

The little fairy was so very sad looking out toward the sunset. Lost in thought, she did not hear
the lady approaching her. Spotting the little fairy sitting there the lady called out in greeting.

“Hello wee fairy.”

The little fairy feeling afraid seemingly disappeared.

“It’s alright I won’t hurt you. Come on then show yourself. See I have nothing in my hands to capture you, I did not come here for that. Though I surely would like a bit of company.”

Still the fairy did not re-appear.

“All right then, I’ll just sit here all alone. Do what you will.”

Quiet a few moments passed and the lady sat enjoying the sunset reflecting on the water. The silhouette of the trees in the distance quiet breathtaking highlighted by the colorful sky.
Slowly the little fairy reappeared.

“How is it you can see me?”

“Oh I’ve a knack for seeing the little folk. Been with me since I was a child, I suppose for a reason. Though I’ve not quite figured out the why of it yet.”

“I have been told most humans try to catch fairies and keep them in bottles or cages.”

“Well I can not speak for others but to me the beauty of something is it being free and when it comes to me by its own will, then I have made a friend. My name is Liza and yours?”

“I do not have a name yet. I would call myself “Lonely” right now.”

“Your not lonely now are you? Here we are talking like we have been friends for sometime. Why are you sitting here?”

“I have been waiting for the reign.”

“Waiting for the rain?”

“No reign. R E I G N.”

“What kind of reign do you mean?”

“I have run away from my tribe. They were mean to me and because my ability is different then their’s. I went through so many very sad things. Now I have scars from it, see? That is why I am so lonely. I am waiting for the reign to come to wash away my tears” Turning her back showing the scars to Liza.

“Oh fairies are different in this way then humans, their scars show when they have been hurt in their heart. I have scars too, sometimes they show, sometimes they don’t. But in a different way. So your not alone. What makes you different then the other fairies?”

“My wings they......they reflect beauty and the more beauty I see the more beautiful my wings become. I had to leave because where I was before they were beginning to shrivel and would have fallen off. That was what those other fairies wanted to happen to me.”

“That is very sad indeed and it will be their own undoing. But look your wings are becoming very beautiful again! They are turning to a lovely green.”

“That is because of you and your kindness and understanding. Green is a fairies happy color. My wings also reflect what I am looking at that is beautiful to me. See?” Looking up at Liza her wings reflected the kindness in her eyes.

“Now I am blushing, Thank you! Would you like to come home with me? I would like to call you Reign as your name would that be ok?”

“Sure I will come to your home are there cakes and tea?”

“There is more then that I guarantee you.”

Getting up they made their way back to Liza’s home. Opening the front door Reign flew in to see fairies inside Liza’s house. They were laughing and singing, merry and bright. Gathering around the new fairy they all admired her wings and how beautiful they were.
“Oh look why these wings of your are so lovely” said Thistle
“Yes what a wonderful talent you have!” said Dandeleon
“Look your wings heal other too! I am handsome inside!” said Snoggy (the positive goblin) admiring himself in Reigns wings.

Reign’s wings grew even more beautiful.

“Reign may I speak to you a moment? Do you mind giving us some privacy?” Turning toward the other fairies Liza gestured toward the other room.

“Reign would you like to stay here awhile with the other fairies and make some new friends?”

“I would love to! Why they are not anything like the others!”

“No they are not and they are very powerful, more so because of the love they have here. We meet each others needs and grow from that special place. I have a request would it be ok if I did a portrait of you sitting on that mushroom as I found you today.?

“May I ask why?”

“I believe it is important for this to be seen. Your loneliness and isolation. The only way for those who are good to make any different in the world is to see the sadness of one. This will be about social change Reign.”

“Do you think it will make a difference to other fairies too?”

“I believe that it will make a difference to humans and fairies. As you can see there are many more fairies like you out there who felt as you did and with love and kindness, friendship and
companionship become even more healers of the planet and those around them. I do believe Snogg’s will be following you around for awhile. He was terribly scarred because he was told how ugly he was. So here you are and for a reason.”

“Do I make a difference to you too?”

“You could say that I was waiting for the Reign just as much as you. I have learned many things about fairies and wild creatures. I have learned about what truth really is and inner peace.”

“What do you mean by inner peace?”

“I understand that the circumstances that you were in were very confusing to you. You did not understand why some fairies were so mean to you, tried to change you. Perhaps even out of their
own fear of your power. They felt inferior to you. This is why it is important for you to be here now and why we have met. I, like you have always appreciated the inner beauty of someone or something. I believe when people, fairies and wild creatures show this side to themselves it is the Great Source of a Higher Power shining out to the world. That is what is truth and beauty. You will heal Reign and the scars will eventually go away.”

“Do you think they will all go away?”

“I can not answer that for you. What I can say is that I am stronger and wiser in my own life and I see things very differently now. There are so many human beings out there who have abilities and are so sad because they have been isolated or teased, bullied and hurt. Here I say that I can not fix anyone, truly it is up to them. But the first step is to trust someone, like you have me Reign. Many animals and fairies have come to me hurting throughout my lifetime and trusted me to show them the way. Do you know what a gift that is to me? It heals me too. There are many more fairies who live here for you to meet who have come to me in much the same way you have.”

“Then why do my portrait?”

“Oh I have done all their portraits, with their permission of coarse.”

“Do you always ask permission?”

“Why of coarse and whenever inspiration comes to me I know I have my answer. Though my Source. Besides it is uplifting for the fairies to have their portrait done”

“How’d did you know what my answer was to be?”

“Oh it was your wings they turned a gorgeous green with little flecks of iridescent yellow? That was a giveaway!” Liza said laughing.

“Will you make me beautiful?”

“You already are Reign and always have been. I create what I see.”

“Yes, Yes, Yes! Lets do this! What about humans, do you think that this will have an effect?” Reigns wings changed to a sunshine yellow and green, illuminating the entire kitchen.

“Art is my path as a healer and I believe when a human being can see the connection to another being they do not feel so lonely. They may even see a part of themselves reflecting back at them in beauty and truth.”

“What about the mean ones?”

“Lets not worry about them. You can not fix people, that is their job, always will be. What you can do is put positive out there simply by being happy and being around positive folks. That is the best any healer can do. Ok enough questions for now lets have a party!!”

And party they did!

Written by Liza Lambertini copyrighted 2007



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