My Lovely Glitter Close up

Meet "Glitter"!:D Glitter is a chubby faery. It took her a long time to come to terms with her self image. She has a bit of a belly, her arms and legs are chubbier and her face is rounder. In fact everything about Glitter is a bit bigger then most of the faeries that I know. She is so gorgeous!
Glitter has one of the most beautiful faces I have ever seen because she has the kindest, gentlest eyes that sparkle and glitter. She also is a bit mischievous but in a funny way, not in a mean way. It took her many years to come to terms with being physically different. She is in no way a lazy Faery, as most people assume and
associate with being chubby, but actually one of the most in demand as far as her purpose goes:D

Over the years I have watched her struggle with her self image. Finally she has come to a place where she would allow me to do her
silhouette and when she looked at it she realized how hard she was on herself. Grace is grace after all . Her open and generous
heart (inner beauty) simply adds to this "statuesque" figure of a faery. She is a happy soul who focuses on things that bring her
and the beings around her joy. Faeriewood would not be the same without her. She is cherished and appreciated.

Blessed be

Affirmation: There is more to life then a face or a body. First there is a heart and soul. Always look there first to find true beauty.



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