The Morrigun Close up

I created this quite some time ago but had never finished it until recently. Through out many cultures there are many beings, deities, angels
and so forth that represent justice and the defenders of the "good". In this art I created the Morrigun who has "presented" herself to me
as a just, poweful, loving and courageous woman and or Goddess. Under most circumstances the Morrigun is wearing red and black. However
that is not how this flowed into me at the present time 2011. Basically she said to me she wanted indigo and purples at this time. Which is fine
by me.:) I love and cherish the Morrigun and feel she is a bringer of light to the darkenss.

In this image the Sword of Justice hovers in the Morrigun's one hand and the Balance Scale in another. Within one part of the scale is the Earth
Mother and the other is a while candle shining brightly. The candle is symbolic of all life and the spirit of humanity. The candle
is also created in the spirit of the Occupy Wall Street movement. In our lifetime we have never seen or witnessed anything like this
before. Whereby people have come together to fight greed, opression, injustice, poverty, antisocialism and inequality. All these voices have become
one voice that has sparked a GLOBAL movement of awareness. We are transcending culture and moving forward to the spirit and greatness
that is present in the HUMAN RACE! I personally think that is beautiful, awesome and powerful.

The raven is a very amazing bird. They are unified and family oriented. To me they represent soldarity. When ravens find food they will call out to each other to let their fellow flock members know there is a food source. In essence they share with each other. They make deep emotional ties within thier flock and are playful, affectionate and funny birds. They are so much more then scavengers. They are hunters and gatherers. Ever notice crows or ravens walking through a field together looking in the grass? They are hunting! When an opportuntiy presents itself the raven will take it! Ravens do not forget a face and if someone is cruel or unjust to them they will pursue that fellow or fellows by chasing and cawing at them. Groups of ravens will join in to protect the flock. So too a raven does not forget a face that is kind to them. Ravens love deeply and are very courageous. This bird is diverse, balanced, fair and adaptable. Highly intelligent this bird is in it for longevity. It does not waste.
If one of the members of it flock passes on, they gather. Also known as a "Raven/Crow Funeral". They mourn the passing of thier loved ones.

The Ravens success lay within thier ability to change, learn and grow. They are also teachers who bring forth change as well.

This song is by Laura Powers. It is called Morriguns Quest and it is about a Goddess who loves her people and stands for freedom and liberty
for her people. Blessed be!



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