Moon River Magic

When moonlight shines across the river

dancing upon waves that glisten silver

And sky is blue of starry night

with purple hues of lovely light

A moment comes when you may see

A glimpse into the world of faery

Which is the same as yours and mine

Yet magic reveals when moonbeams shine

A delicate beauty filled with grace

shimmery wings and fair of face

Behold the wonder, magic and light

of the Blessed and wondrous night!


(Here be the magic; a spark renewed )

Igniting the inner light of possibility

Within the heart of humanity

by Liza Lambertini


"You can never step into the same river twice" Heraclitus

It takes courage to create your dreams and reveal them to the world. Sometimes things have not always gone the way I had hoped and worked toward in my life. Yes there were some heartbreaking moments. With love in my heart I keep going, my dream walking by my side today. My little muse holding my hand. With courage I move forward and continue on. This song "Moonriver" reminds me to love my dream and look toward the beauty of possibility that still remains inspired by the wonder and love in my life. The veil of faery has been lifted and my heart rejoyces in those magical moments. I believe.

We get glimpses into planes of possibility.  Moments of clarity.  This piece I created in the joy of a moment when we re-discover our inner child and see the world through fresh eyes filled with excitement.  Imagine seeing a faery?  Imagine how excited you would be? Imagine how your inner child would respond?  A smile is on my face right now as I type this:)


Walk in Beauty



Moon River by Sarah Brightman from her La Luna Album


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