The Moon Muse

I hear the song of inspiration
calling out my name
By healing light of moon
it calls "I'm yours to claim"
Surrounded by natures bounty
and starlight shining bright
I feel the beauty of blessings
bestowed upon me this night
Yes I love to share
this blessing from above
With those who will receive it
and return it to me with love
For many a road I've travelled
Been alone for far too long
wondering if I'd hear
the call of this sweet song
And of all the things I've learned
thoughtout all my lonely years
It's is knowing that I have a purpose
to follow my destiny as it nears
And those who wish me good
that wish my passion comes true
There will come a day
when this will return to you
I'll light the sky with beauty
my heart will sing to your soul
I'll bring love and good fortune
and power of knowledge whole
I am the Empowerment Muse
that dances by light of moon
And very soon you'll see
the magic of my boon.


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