The Butterfly Fairy

Following the sowing of Seedwina, Joyanna emerges. Her awakening brings the emergence of the butterflies. This morning Joyanna dances across the reed tops in celebration of the arrival of mid-spring and soon to come summer blooms. The butterflies flutter around her in joy knowing thier purpose has just begun! Joyanna sings softly to them;

The seeds are sown
The flowers grown
Thier purpose clear
Your time is here!
Dance your quiet song
across flowers, short and long

Your purpose important for one and all
smell the fragrant flowers call!

Dance, dance across the sky
Colorful beauties time to fly
Pollen bringers, nectar sweet
assisting forth the food we eat!
Working with our Mother Earth
from which all our blessings birth!

Thank you Mother Earth for all that you do
Each life has a purpose, this be a gift too!


Joyanna awakening brings forth transformation. She is the guardian of the chrysalis and the bringer of the butterflies, life transformed into beauty. Often Joyanna will dance across gardens enjoying the lovely flowers. She celebrates living a life filled with purpose and joyous intention as do the butterflies. Joyanna song demonstrates the joy and gratitude she has for her lifes purpose and the positive effect that love brings, rippling outward and returning.

She walks in beauty always.

by Liza lambertini


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