Nature's Jewelry

Adorned and so fine
natures jewelry entwine
In delicate offering
sweet scent it brings
A flower from days of old
yet ever so bold
her tiny flower
yet such power
to entrance you
in fragrant dew

Jasmine’s sought
and what she’s brought
is her charm
come no harm
for love is true
and does renew
This the gift
while moonbeams drift
across her lovely space
And scented leafy lace
as she entwines
her lovely vine
around your heart
to never part
For love is her jewel
and this does rule
above all, this she does know
is what helps things grow
Not to only stay alive
but what makes things thrive
Lush and green
and very keen

Natures Jewelry
a wonder for all to see.

by Liza Lambertini 2007©



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