The Heron Riders

In a previous art piece I told of a story about a river who was very,very sick. (I will post a link so you can read it)
It is a true story. Now I will post another story about the Return of the Herons and Heron riders.
As the river became better the lives that depends on the river became better. All the animals, birds and fish slowly
returned. Even the river stopped smelling bad. Things were changing.
As I walked along the river banks I could hear tinkling laughter. They hid in the leaves and danced behind the tall grasses.
I saw different types of wild ducks, comorants and swans. I saw Kingfishers and Osprey. The herons returned with thier great
grey blue wingspan and thier beautiful penetrating eyes.
One morning I went down to the river simply to enjoy the sunrise. The water was calm and still. I felt so happy and grateful
for such a beautful day. I saw through the corner of my eye a heron and there be a heron rider sitting a top him!:D
What a magical moment! We sat there in a companionable silence.
I knew that should this river continue to be loved, protected and cherished by
this community that the magic of it would soon return as well.

For a long time people turned a blind eye to how sick and sad the rivier was. But once thier eyes were opened
they could see the importance of taking care of her and doing the right thing. Magic and magical beings
are so much like this too. Sometimes love and the desire to do the right thing and care
is what will reveal magic and magical beings to you. While that may be different for all of us,
I see faeries and simply wish to share this magic with you. Life is filled with wonder
and it's important to never lose it.

Blessed be

Here is the link to the story about the river



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