Tropical Frog Fairy Close up

I have always loved frogs. A few years back I went to the Museum of Natural History with my husband to see the live tropical
butterfly exhibit which was spectacular. The museum also had a live frog exhibit and I took the opportunity
to go and see them. To my delight they had captive bred dart frogs that came in an array
of rainbow colors. I think the arrow frogs are totally adorable. I decided to paint the little black and yellow
frogs because I felt they would complement the Frog fairy best. I always do some research
when doing a painting. So I thought to look up what these little black and yellow frogs were called.
I was thirilled when I read they are known as "Bumblebee Dart frogs":) The orchid vine I painted
is modeled after "Vanilla bean Orchid". Also symbolic of "love". The frogs were painted after the photos I took of them
at the museum.

The vivid green eyes of the frog fairy is reflective of a healthy rainforest. Her bright red is symbolic of the Sacred Flame. Frogs are also associated with abundance
and prosperity.

"You never know what wonder is waiting to be discovered. Some of the tiniest beings are so beautiful that they can
take our breath away. Under every leaf, behind every tree, the forest contains and sustains all life. There are hidden treasures
meant to bring wonderment to our hearts and it is that which connects us to our beloved Mother nature. "

This is a beautiful song by Denean from her Fire Chant CD. It is called Walk in Balance. What I truly admire about this song
is the description of what "Balance" is. Which is love.

"We must learn to walk in balance
Sacred steps to take

Weaving peace and understanding
through all the we create

The tapestry of love and light
finest threads of gold"


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