To have someone
that cares for you
who never judges
or mistreats you

To have someone
who is there for you
where mutual respect
and love are the foundation
of the relationship

To have someone
who knows where not to go
and where best to be with you
at any given time
and place

To have someone celebrate
your precious heart
your talents
your diligence
your inner beauty

To have someone
who is honest
but never hurtful
who can understand you
and relate to you

Someone who admires
you without trying to be like you
but you complement each other
in strengths
And celebrate each as an individual

Someone you can trust
and hold close to your heart
without any doubt
Someone who understands
your hurts

This is a friendship
this has developed
and grown
with love
Investment of time
Mutual respect

Friendship one of
the greatest gifts
That we can actually
hold in our hand.

by Liza Lambertini



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