Finding Kismet

Finding Kismet (Love Will Find a Way) By Liza Lambertini

He sat there alone. Silence filling the evening and blanketing the river. He itched from flea bites and just felt so sad and empty inside.
Hearing a humming sound he turned his head to find a little fairy with glowing pastel wings hovering and looking up at him.
"What do you want?"
"Gee such a warm welcome. Most cats are very polite, even the skittish ones have manners. My name is Sparkle I have come for a reason
that is if you want to hear it."
"Go on"
"I am a cat fairy. I help cats find thier kismet."
"I have no idea what kismet is or what your even talking about."

"Kismet is a special connection that is very intuitive and fills a hole in an empty place that sometimes is missing. We are all created with kismet and to find that part of ourselves that was empty that only the love of another being can fill"

"I am fine. I am whole by myself. I dont need anyone! I get fed. I only like the people who feed me in this area. I am nice to them"

"So you never feel sad or empty inside or not appreciated? You never feel like there is someone or something very special out there that will love and understand you? That's too bad because when kismet happens it unlocks a positive chain reaction. You're sure you don't want to consider this?"

"Well I am here and still listening. I am a bit more curoius now. What am I supposed to do to caputre this kismet? Tell me more."

"Kismet is not something you capture. It just is. There is someone who needs you. She doesn't think she does, just like you. But you both do. I promise you feel kismet as soon as you lay eyes on each other. Follow me. Kismet is just round the corner."

Off they sped together to just around the corner.

"Now look see that lady sitting out there go show yourself. Look in her eyes."

The lady sat on her porch talking to the birds, the cats, the bees and anyone else who would listen. The wildlife and animals around her loved
her dearly and became used to and comforted by the sound of her voice. The cat rounded the corner and sat by the fence observing the lady. She seemed so sad and lonely. Turning her head their eyes met. Both felt a deep recognition instantly. She spoke softly to him, but made no move towards him. Sitting down she drank the rest of her coffee. He crept in for a closer look peeking just outside the bushes. The lady said "I see you there looking at me from the bushes. Your a big handsome guy aren't you?"

Some days had passed and the lady could not get the large black cat out of her head. She'd helped animals thoughtout most of her life. This cat was somehow different. He reminded her of her childhood cat and felt the connection instantly. She felt like a little kid again and remebered those beautful days with her beloved cat. Who was her pal.

He thought of the lady and decided he would come for visits. He felt like he knew her, like something he remembered or recognised about her that was familiar, comforting, connected. How could this be? Sparkle visted him once again.

"Now do you understand what kismet is?"

"Yes it is the recognition of a kindred spirit. It is someone who knows your heart inside and out without question and when the pieces come together it is meant to be. I will go back to her. I will love her and give everything of myself to her. I wont hold back any love or anything of myself. I will be compassionate, gentle and kind to her."

"Good, then my work is done. Now you both have a piece of home in your hearts returned to you. You have come home."

His name is now Thoedore AKA Teddybear Snugglepuss. He has the warmest, kindest most loving heart. I remember him. I am his special person and did not have much to say about it. Just like when I was a born and the cat took one look at me and decided I was his special little girl.

My kismet has come home. I am grateful a piece of my heart has been returned to me by the "Powers that Be"

For those cats and people yet to find thier kismet...


Walk in beauty my fellow cat lovers. Liza Lambertini




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