Fiddler Moon

This was an actual picture taken one night while playing ball with my dog. The Moon was
silhouetted by 5 points of this tree. I feel very positive about this picture.
Has been re-touched, painted and re-tooled for highest clarity and picture quality, very crisp.

The Fiddler Moon

One Autumn Eve I stood looking out at the Moon.
When suddenly I heard a lovely tune.
I looked up and strained to see,
Who was playing this magical melody.
And there within trees branches bold,
was a little tiny man playing songs of old.
He skipped along,
enjoying this song.
Swaying to and fro,
by moon’s glow.
Yet within this magical sight,
against the moon so white,
the trees did embrace,
Five points around the moon’s face.
I looked up in wonder as tears poured out my eyes,
and realized the child within me was wise.
For had I lost that special thing,
that allows the inner-child to hear the faerybells ring,
then surely I would have never have heard the fiddlers tune
surrounded by five points and light of the moon.

by Liza Lambertini



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