The Enchanted Garden of my Heart

There was an empty valley once
that became a sacred space
Where life outstretches its petals
entwined in colorful embrace
One by one I planted
these very tender things
Waiting all the while
to see what magic would bring
Slowly it unfolded
before my very eyes
A bounty of beauty
borne of hope’s surprise
There they came
bursting so joyfully
My beautiful little flowers
one of life's gifts to me
I see these little flowers
so precious and so dear
I waited so very long
just to have them near
Some like the sun,
some like the shade
some are not so choosey
and grow between each blade
Some like it wet
and some like it dry
Yet always, always
they try to touch the sky
A burst of brilliance
I tend to everyday
Where wee faeries gather
to sing, dance and play
I am grateful
I enjoy each and every one
In the Enchanted Garden of my Heart
this beauty's just begun........

by Liza Lambertini Art Copyrighted 2007


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