The Earth Dragon

Meet Beryl!!! He is an earth dragon elemental and a gentle creature living peacefully within the forest. His gift is abundance and life. Where he goes
flowers and foliage are soon to emerge. He not only "walks in beauty" (ok slithers gracefully) but leaves beauty behind him. He is a very powerful elemental dragon and cherished by the Earth Mother. Berly usually moves slowly taking time and great care to get where he wants to go. However,
he can also move faster then the speed of light with prescision should the need arise. He can call up the earth, give the trees the ability to walk and have vines become armlike in nature. While Berly always prefers to live in joy, create in joy, he has his power and defenses. He is never one to abuse such power or greateness because he is humble. He is a wise dragon and is a great teacher about nature, the earth and harmony. Blessed Be!


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