The Dream Faeries

Did you know that every person, every child and even every living thing on this planet is given a special gift at birth?
Everyone is born with special talents and abilities. These talents and abilities are gifted to us for a purpose. From the moment
we are born our talents are our way and path to not only healing but wholeness and health. That is because we are meant
to be happy. We are all created in joy. Creation in of itself is created in joy.

Now there is a legend amongst the faeries here at Faeriewood about "Dream Faeries". Dream faeries have a special purpose
to bestow on every living thing a special ability, that special abilitiy in-of-itself IS the DREAM. Legend has it that each dream
comes from the universe in the form of a bubble. These bubbles are so strong that they can not be broken. The bubbles make their
way to the Dream Faeries and the dream faeries fill each bubble with love, magic and ability. Each dream bubble is different
and filled with different abilities for every living being. Once the Dream Faeries fill a bubble the bubble makes it way to
the person or being it belongs to. Once the bubble reaches it's special person (or living being) it then pops, showering down
on the infant all the magic and love that it has inside from the faeries and from the Universe. Everyone has a dream bubble
sent to them. That is because each one of us is meant to have a purpose that is benevolent for ourselves and benevolent
to those around us. Dreams and abilities are Sacred gifts that we bring honor to by using them for the greater good.

As I look upon my garden, or even up at the stars at night. I see how everything comes together to support an even greater dream
of life. As I honor my own dream as Sacred I see an even bigger "picture" of all that which is Sacred.

Yes we are meant to be happy. (including me) The Universe said so! :D

Again the background images of the stars, constellations and our Universe are by NASA. Thank you for giving me permission to use them.
I am always inspired by these images which open up my mind to the vastness and possibilities of it all! Blessings!



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