Brilliant Morning Mermaid

I take my time each morning
Watching twilight fade, stars twinkling
I catch my breath in wonder
Sun bursts forth on the horizon
Coloring the clouds in the space
of a moment
One glorious moment
for me to appreciate such great beauty
One gloroius moment to see
Greatness inspiring awe within me
It is quiet here in this span of a moment
I am not alone
I am connected in knowing

What lives inside my heart and soul
Is just as beautful
as this is
Right at this moment
this Brilliant Morning
I awaken to my life
in beauty
I allow wonder to flow through me
I greet each day
with enthusiasm
I hold onto the delight
of the beauty
That fills my life
Each day, each moment and
each wondrously Brilliant morning
of my life

Each day is a gift. I take time each morning to rediscover something wonderful. The magic of a mermaid perhaps?:) I watch the sun rise.
I appreciate life and the beauty of something so simple yet gives life to us all. Awesomely powerful.

These moments are a gift.


Walk or swim in beauty!





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