Bliss the Koi Mermaid

Bliss" Koi Mermaid. Surrounded by Water Lilies, pure clean water and the blossoming lotus. Bliss gently floats, arms open, heart open to the healing of nature. She has entered into a new phase of her life. Her hair is grey and the laugh lines around her face do not show as her face relaxes. Listening to the song of nature, accompained by her beautiful friends the Koi and Pond Comets. The blue sky reflected in the water. As women our passage into a new age brings forth a beauty from within that shines without. Trusting nature and our place in ths universe, opening our hearts, listening to the earth, being one with this planet, eases us gently along the path of life toward a new era. Each living being is a part of us as is "Earth Mother" who nurtures us. By doing so she teaches and shares with us the path of unity. Goldfish are considered good luck amongst many cultures. The Lotus a symbol of love and unity. Clean water for Earth healing and healing ourselves. The triple Goddess over her heart a source of strength and connection. The mermaid half women-half fish, symbolic of our connection to nature and each other. The blue sky reflected in the water, healthy ozone layer and JOYFUL, filled with cheer and happiness. Liza:)

" Nature never did betray the heart that loved her" William Wordsworth


Music by Laura Powers Please visit her website here



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