The Blessed moon

Nothing is better than sprinkling magic on a moonlite night! Dewdrop is her name and every full moon she comes out to sprinkle
her magic across the fields of wild flowers, flowerbeds, crops, blades of grass and so on! At first her magic goes twinkling down,
then once it touches the earth it is transformed into little drops of dew. These little magical drops of dew are so important
to all life!
The moon slowly disappears and the sun rises. The little drops of dew each sparkle and glisten with a magic all thier own.
You may not see Dewdrop Faery but what she leaves behind her is beauty.

This art is inspired by the Quote by Lynn Holland

~ Fairies are invisible and inaudible like angels.  But their magic sparkles in nature. ~ Lynn Holland


Blessed be!


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Printed on fine art paper. Giclee art print

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