Beauty in the Enchanted Garden of my Heart

Who are you? Said Banchee the cat.
"My name is Rose. I am a Flower fairy."

"Nice to meet you", replied Banchee blinking her large golden eyes. "Nice to meet you again too. I knew you from when you were a little kitten! You probably do not rememebr me though. The night you were orphaned during the big downpour I was there. I drifted off coarse from my usual garden visits and found you. I helped by sprinkling magic so your voice would be heard by someone. You were mewing so loudly. Once I saw the lady come I knew you would be alright."

"I remember you now. I was so scared that I did not know what was happening. You helped to save my life! Thank you. That was when the lady came, she wrpped me up in blankets and took me home. She bottle fed me until I was strong again. She is my human Mama now. I love her very much. I am grateful for my life and to see you again Rose. What brings you here to our garden?"

"I tend to the flowers, butterflies and bees mostly. Word has gotten around about this garden and many wild creatures visit often. How wonderful to have found you here!"

"It is wonderful. Mama would not let me go outside for most of my life because it's not safe for cats out there. She fenced in this back deck garden so I could sit out here and enjoy the sunshine, flowers, trees and now even fairies! At first I did not want her to leave me out by myself, but my other cat friends come out with me. I feel more secure. They are older and just lay around....... I'll never leave my Mama. She loves me and will sit outside with us all. The garden makes me feel better. It smells good too"

"I am so glad you have a happy home Banchee. I am going to sprinkle something on you is that ok?"

"If it wont hurt I guess it would be ok Rose. Is it good?"

"Yes it's good. Its what makes the flowers grow and the beauty you see all around you."

"What is it called?"

"Even more LOVE"

"Well then Rose there is always a place to have more of that!"

The human Mama sat back and watched her cats loving life in her garden , yet another seed planted blossomed inside the Enchanted Garden of the Heart.

Walk in beauty fellow cat lovers... Liza Lambertini



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