The Autumn Fairy Queen

I look up to the sky
and what a sight to see
She comes-a dancing by
I wonder if she'll remember me
Even though there are lines upon my face
I never lost the ability
to see the faires dance of grace
She hovers up above me
and looks into my eyes
Smiling in a secret moment
and remembers when I was a child
Reminiscent of a time
when I ran free and wild
Dancing to the fairies song
kicking up leaves
and humming along
I am very happy
for magic does belong
to the inner child inside
who loves each fairies song
Iv'e learned more from truth in kindness
and your tender loving ways
that got me through some difficult times
and very lonely days
The magic from within
that see's the beauty of you
is something very dear to me
who's heart is loyal and true
Yes I've loved you well
true I've loved you dear
The beauty of the inner child
is what does draw you near
Still the sweetness lingers
of mulling apple spices
and candy apple fingers
Pumpkins spice scent
times of wondrous magic
with positive intent
A special place
The Autumn's retreat
when colorful leaves
covered my booted feet
She says I am special to her
from the day I was born
She'll come to see me still
even when I'm aged and worn
Some magic remains inside me
the time could not erase
Someday I'll follow her like the leaves
into that special place

I wave to her goodbye
but before I close the door
one last galnce up at the sky
and my heart does surely soar.

by Liza Lambertini


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