Autumn Equinox Close up

"A magical child"
Lisette could not help but lay awake in bed looking up at the hunters moon. She is different than many other children. She hears the Earth Mother and the Earth Mother hears her. Their hearts are joined in love. Lisette's longing to be in nature. Her beautiful gift with animals and the ability to see the faery folk. The draw to let her wild curly hair blow free in the wind and
go barefoot to feel the Earth's heartbeat beneith her feet. In Lisette's heart she is a gentle soul and a healer. All the beings around her
love this child and nurture this beautful part of who she is.

On this magical eve Lisette climbs out of bed, get's dressed in her best dress, does not put shoes on and allows her mass of
curly hair to be unbound. Some of the faeries gather playing sweet music that carries on the wind. Joining hands with Hollyhock the faery, they dance joyfully by the light of this magical moon.


"Never forget that the Earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair" Kalil Gibran


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