Abundantia - The fairy of Abundance & Prosperity

Abundantia wirtes in her journal "The key to Manifesting Abundance and Prosperity"
One of the things required in manifesting abundance is to do your best. Be ethical.
Make sure that you send out the product that has been paid for.
Be honest in your business dealings. This will draw more people to you.
Ethics and values are very important in todays world and also the pathway to building trusting relationships.
It also encourages others by setting a good example.
If you are in a position to contract or are a large business who works with others, make sure your contracts are fair and honest for both
parties. Dont play games, do not take what does not belong to you. In the long run you'll benefit by being positive and considered trustworthy.
Spiritually and realistically speaking the key to long term success is being reliable.
Also this is a healing path, restoring faith to others is a precious thing and will be returned.
I am Abundantia my picture is symbolic of making a commitment to the path of integrity, which is the path to success.
Blessed be!

by Liza Lambertini and I have made this commitment.


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